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My collection of Recipes

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Recipe Kitchen Category
Ceasar Patsys Kitchen Salad
Mexican Martini Kevins Kitchen Drinks
Tortilla Soup Patsys Kitchen Soup
Salsa Tabbys Kitchen Mexican
Tabby's Triffle Tabbys Kitchen Desert
Balsmic Salad Dressing Patricks Kitchen Salad
Chicken with Cilantro Pesto Recipe Other Entree
Glazed Carrots Recipe Other Side Dish
Pie Dough Patricks Kitchen Desert
Patrick cornbread Patricks Kitchen Side Dish
Artichoke Dip Lora's Kitchen Side Dish
Potatos that Everyone Loves Patsys Kitchen Side Dish
Asparagus in Phyllo Dough Kelly's Kitchen Side Dish
Portabella Mushroom Caps Jeff Bright's Kitchen Side Dish